Map legend

Energy efficiency rating

A: More than 90
B: 80-90
C: 70-80
D: 55-70
E: 40-55 (MEES)
F: 20-40
G: Less than 20
Not classified
Data Source:
MHCLG for EPCs and DECs,
various statistical methods for vEPCs
Place name
Number of SCUs
Current average EPC (by floor area)
Current average EPC (by count)
Count domestic EPCs
Count domestic virtual EPCs
Count non domestic EPCs:
Count non domestic virtual EPCs
Potential average domestic EPC (by floor area)
Potential average domestic EPC by count
Number of domestic SCUs below MEES (on count):
The options below control which data set is used to colour the SCUs. For some of the options there are additional controls to filter the data set. These will display when the option is selected.  
SCU Mix (measure and type of mixed use)


These layers sit above the SCUs and overlay each other. Where they overlap, the top-most layer will display based on the order in which they are listed below.  

These layers sit below the SCUs and overlay each other in the order listed below.  

The data sets below show aggregate energy use recorded by meters. The data form a cholorpleth map and will display above the SCU layers. Only one layer can be displayed at a time.  

These data sets will display above the SCU layers